Monday, April 10, 2017

There is a Time - A Beautiful Song from the Andy Griffith Show

I was watching the Andy Griffith show on Netflix a couple of weeks ago and heard a song that was so beautiful that it stuck with me and I had to go back and watch it again.  I keep watching it on YouTube.  Like other people in the comments say, it can make you cry.  Some people cry because of memories of watching the show with a parent, but for some of us it's just the song itself.

I like how at one point she sings more softly, and then gets louder again.  It's so good the way that it's done.  

It's not even the type of music that I usually listen to, but something about it is so touching and lovely.  I like how Andy stops playing his guitar during the song and just listens to her, mesmerized.  At the end, he says, "Well, I believe that's the prettiest thing I ever heard."

This is the song:

And this is the woman who sings it:

If you listen to it, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!